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Based in Redondo Beach, CA

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Wii U™


In Lucadian Chronicles you recruit heroes and assemble teams to fight other players and in challenges. You'll experience the story of the land of Lucadia in the Campaign mode, while playing against other players in the League and Draft modes

The game is about understanding how heroes interact with team members as well as opponents, and constructing teams where heroes work together to exploit enemy weaknesses.

You can place a golem in front to protect your archer, or enhance your beast tamer to power up your mastodon. Does your opponent have meaty warriors in front of their fire mages? You can overwhelm their back row with your flying units.

The game currently offers over a 100 unique cards, with a robust campaign mode as well as league play and a draft competition model (our favorite).

Who We Are

Dark Roast Entertainment is an independent game development company in sunny California, founded by James Margaris and Fumi Shiraishi.

We started developing games in high school, showing off our game to friends in the school computer room. Since then, Fumi worked in Tokyo on games such as FFXI, Front Mission Online, and FFCC My Life as a King, while James worked at successful startups in the Boston area. More recently, the two worked at the now closed Square Enix' LA studio, followed by a stint at Nexon, releasing The Grinns Tale on Kongregate and Facebook.

Dark Roast Entertainment is currently working on Lucadian Chronicles.


  • A robust single-player campaign with branching paths.
  • A real-time draft mode that pits players against each other on an even playing field in a pure test of skill.
  • Asynchronous PvE and PvP challenges.
  • Full support for offscreen play.
  • Robust in-game Miiverse™ integration, including stamps.


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James Margaris & Fumiaki Shiraishi

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